Q: You have differnt solar plans which one is right for me?
A: Check out our affordable CT LOAN PROGRAM for both residential clients. You also receive a 30% federal tax credit on the total cost of the system.You can choose to purchase a system or use CT LOAN PROGRAM. It all depends on what is best for you.

Q: What type of equipment do you use and what affect will the solar PV system have on my roof?
A: DCS Energy uses only USA made solar products. Currently we use 1Soltech 250W panels made in TX. We use Solectria inverters made in MA. The panels and racking system add about 4 lbs per square foot to the weight of the sloped roof and 6-7lbs for a flat roof. The racking system also provides protection for up to 130mph winds and can take up to 60lbs per square inch of a snow load. Your roof should be in good shape before the solar PV system goes on it because the system will last 30+ years.

Q: Will I still get a bill from the utility?
A: Yes you will receive a bill from the utility, the question is what will the bill be for. A PV system can provide your buildings electric needs assuming you have a good solar site and enough area for the system. Regardless of your solar PV system you will receive a bill from the utility and the only question- will it be for a credit (so the utility owes you) or for a lesser amount (you usage minus the solar production)?