Marc & Donna Fontaine, Oakdale, CT

“We are now one of DCS Energy’s newest customers. We are looking into solar as a way to help reduce our electric costs. After looking at all of our options, we chose DCS Energy’s Residential Solar Lease Plan. For us, as homeowners, this plan was a balanced approach with a lot to like. It had all inclusive pricing, all the work would be performed by experienced local CT companies, and the entire system was made in the USA.

“By using this lease program, it allowed us to purchase a system capable of replacing all our electrical needs at a price we could afford and that provided us with the quickest payback. We also know that with a vested interest in its long term success, DCS Energy will be there to support us in any way.

“Our experience with all of DCS Energy’s staff has been great. They are knowledgable, easy to work with and it all started with just an email. Going solar was a great choice.”